[divider_line] [list style=”list1″]
  • href
  • title
  • group (group for a gallery)
  • width: (optional)
  • height (optional)
  • iframe: true,false
  • photo (forces Lightbox to display a link as a photo)
[/list] [divider_top]


Lightbox for text

[divider_line] [lightbox title=”Title” href=””]Single Image[/lightbox] [lightbox group=”portfolio” href=””]Grouped Photo 1[/lightbox] [lightbox group=”portfolio” href=””]Grouped Photo 2[/lightbox] [lightbox group=”portfolio” href=””]Grouped Photo 3[/lightbox]
[lightbox  title="Title" href=""]Single Image[/lightbox]
[lightbox group="portfolio" href=""]Grouped Photo 1[/lightbox]
[lightbox group="portfolio" href=""]Grouped Photo 2[/lightbox]
[lightbox group="portfolio" href=""]Grouped Photo 3[/lightbox]

Lightbox for Elements

[divider_line] [lightbox title=”Trigger by image” href=””][/lightbox] [lightbox title=”Trigger by button” href=””][button size=”medium” bgColor=”#0062c3″]Lightbox[/button][/lightbox]
[lightbox title="Trigger by image" href=""][/lightbox]
[lightbox title="Trigger by button" href=""][button size="medium" bgColor="#0062c3"]Lightbox[/button][/lightbox]

Lightbox with iframe

[divider_line] [lightbox title=”Google” href=”” iframe=”true”]Outside Webpage (Iframe)[/lightbox]
[lightbox title="Google" href="" iframe="true"]Outside Webpage (Iframe)[/lightbox]

Lightbox with video

[divider_line] [lightbox title=”Lightbox with video” href=”#vimeo_lightbox” inline=”true” width=”630″ height=”355″]Lightbox with video[/lightbox]
[lightbox title="Lightbox with video" href="#vimeo_lightbox" inline="true" width="630" height="355"]Lightbox with video[/lightbox]


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