Jerry Robinson’s Emergency Stockpile List – While we can all hope and pray that our society does not completely breakdown, we must all be prepared for anything. Don’t let the word “stockpile” throw you. This is not about hoarding. This is about being a witness for Jesus in the event of a massive crisis in your area. A special thanks to Rick Lenard for his help in editing this file.

E-Sword (Free Bible Study Software) – Bible students are always looking for ways to streamline their research. E-Sword is a free bible study software that you can download to your PC or your iPad. It is filled with great features that will aid you in your research. And best of all, its free!

The JESUS Film – Since the JESUS film was first released in 1979, it has been translated into over 1,100 languages. According to the JESUS film website, the film is “the most translated and viewed film in history.” You can use this link to watch or download the film to your computer. – A few years ago I remember hearing that was going to create an open website allowing other churches to download their sermon notes and teaching resources. Today, their open site has become extremely popular.

Open Resources – This clean website offers an entire library of creative materials for your church to download and use.

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