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Blog Posts


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  • count (number of posts to show per page)
  • category (specific category to show) (optional)
  • posts (specific posts to show) (optional)
  • image (whether to display featured image): true,false
  • meta (whether to display meta information): true,false
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Blog with Image & Meta & Paging

[blog count="3" nopaging="false"]
[blog count=”3″ nopaging=”false”] [divider_top]

Blog with Image

[blog count="1" meta="false"]
[blog count=”1″ meta=”false”] [divider_top]

Blog with Meta

[blog count="1" image="false"]
[blog count=”1″ image=”false”] [divider_top]

Blog without Image & Meta

[blog count="1" image="false" meta="false"]
[blog count=”1″ image=”false” meta=”false”] [divider_top]

Blog with Specific Category

[blog count="1" cat="4,5" image="false"]
[blog count=”1″ cat=”4,5″ image=”false”] [divider_top]

Blog with Specific Post

[blog count="1" posts="1" image="false"]
[blog count=”1″ posts=”1″ image=”false”]

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