Did Jesus Drink Wine?

Did Jesus drink wine while He was on Earth, or was the “fruit of the vine” just fresh grape juice?

Did Jesus drink wine?  Yes, He did.  It is recorded in the Bible.  We all understand that Jesus was God, the Son, and He was perfect God and perfect man.  He was sinless while he lived as a man on Earth, so whatever Jesus drank was not sinful.  Jesus said He came eating and drinking unlike John the Baptist (Luke 7:34), so we can assume He drank whatever was served.  The question then becomes, was the “wine” or “fruit of the vine” spoken of in the Bible alcoholic or not?

If we are familiar at all with Jewish customs and traditions of the first century, we would assume that both grape juice and fermented wine were consumed.  At harvest time, fresh grape juice would have almost surely been preferred, but fresh juice would not have stayed good very long.  Without fermentation, they would not have been able to drink fruit of the vine except for about one month each year.

Did Jesus drink wine at weddings?

Did Jesus drink wine at the wedding in Cana?  At weddings, such as in Cana where Jesus performed His first miracle of turning water into wine, surely fermentation would have been present.  Weddings were huge parties, lasting for several days.  However, the alcohol level would probably not have been over 10% for the “best” wine.  This is significantly lower than the alcohol level of our wine today.  The question that comes to mind here is why, if drunkenness is a sin, would Jesus encourage more wine drinking when the people had already been drinking?

Did Jesus drink wine with His meals?

Jesus at the Last Supper

Did Jesus drink wine that was alcoholic?

Did Jesus drink wine at the Last Supper?  At the Passover meal (Last Supper), it is likely that they would have drunk fresh grape juice if they had it.  Along with the unleavened bread (without yeast), they would have also wanted unleavened drink (without yeast).  The only question in our minds would then be where would they find fresh juice with no refrigeration when the harvest had been over for 6 to 7 months?  Wine could be made with as little as 0-3% alcohol content, so perhaps this is the wine that was used.

If we think that Jesus did at times drink wine with as least some alcohol content, then we must realize that God is not the author of confusion.  Did Jesus drink wine?  If He did, and He never drank to the point of sinning, then it must not be sinful for us to partake as well.  Does this mean that we must drink wine to be a follower of Jesus?  Jesus said all food and drink is good, but does that mean we have to eat and drink it all?  He set us free from following the Law, and told us to live for Him!

There are many references in Scripture that warn against drinking too much wine, so we can conclude that excess is certainly a sin and should be avoided (Proverbs 20:1, Isaiah 5:11).  Many people think it is better to be safe and stay away from alcohol altogether.

Did Jesus drink wine?  Yes, He did.  Does that mean we have to drink it, too?  No, it doesn’t!  Philippians 4:5 says, ” Let your moderation be known unto all men.”  If we drink wine, it should definitely be in strict moderation so that we do not fall into sin.

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'Did Jesus Drink Wine?' have 7 comments

  1. March 7, 2014 @ 9:07 am cole

    Hi, ..wife an I are christians, we drink a little wine for happyness etc, of course jesus drank wine, bible says as his custom was, meaning he opened the sabbath with his parents and with wine and challar bread, he alaways did this, the biggest danger these days is some churches say he diddent drink wine,..this is not telling the truth and will land them in hell, how sad, wouldent it be better for them to say we take the stand not to drink wine even though jesus did drink a little,..at the marriage feast they drank alocholic wine,..but there is a big difference in the mentaltly of a good christian than a non christian because even while you drink wine your mind is still on jesus you don’t think of sin you rejoice and know not to get drunk…….your brother in christ


    • September 27, 2014 @ 11:34 am belinda

      Could you please give me the bible reference thank you


    • January 21, 2016 @ 6:07 pm jim

      Exactly.That’s why Jesus says in Luke 7:33-34 The Pharisees seen Him eating and drinking and call Him a glutton and a winebidder.


  2. June 7, 2014 @ 8:11 am Tony Fisher

    Thank you for clarifying the word. Yes, He did drink wine.


  3. January 8, 2016 @ 8:06 pm Jesus [PBUH]

    Yes, Jesus [PBUH] drank wine. But it is not an alcoholic wine .

    Logical reason:

    1. Bible was written long time ago and at that time definition of wine is pure fruit juice.
    2. Only recent dictionary change the definition of wine to alcoholic wine.

    “Older English Dictionaries. The inaccuracy in the English language becomes even more evident when we look at older English dictionaries. For example, the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “must” as “new wine—wine pressed from the grape, but not fermented.”4 Note that the unfermented grape juice is here explicitly called “new wine.”

    The 1759 Nathan Bailey’s New Universal English Dictionary of Words and of Arts and Sciences offers the following definition for “wine”: “Natural wine is such as it comes from the grape, without any mixture or sophistication. Adulterated wine is that wherein some drug is added to give it strength, fineness, flavor, briskness, or some other qualification.”5 Note that in this definition Bailey does not use the word “fermented,” though it is implied in some of the wines he describes.

    Other eighteenth-century lexicographers define the word “wine” very similarly. John Kersey’s Dictionarium Anglo-Britannicum, or A General English Dictionary, published in London in 1708, says: “Wine, a liquor made of the juice of grapes or other fruits. Liquor or Liquour, anything that is liquid; Drink, Juice, etc. Must, sweet wine, newly pressed from the grape.”6 In this definition “wine” explicitly includes “must, sweet wine, newly pressed from the grape.”


    • April 11, 2017 @ 11:29 am Mark

      Jesus, being our High Priest obeyed the command to refrain from alcohol/strong drink. Even on His cross, He refused.


  4. September 25, 2016 @ 12:20 pm Emmanuel Mzila

    Hi there
    I agree that alcoholic wine was used during Jesus’ time and most probably He did drink it and I don’t know what all the fuss is about if He did! They called Him a glutton and a drunkard. You can’t be called a drunkard if you were never seen consuming alcohol at least (as surely as John the Baptist did not drink and was never called such). We know because of the Pharisees jealousy, they exaggerated the eating and drinking of our Lord. He also says, ‘the Son of Man came eating and drinking’…
    The issue in all the Bible that God’s word has is with drunkenness and that too just as much as gluttony. What the church of recent years has tried to do is ward off people from drinking because of the social ills caused by drinking. Guns are a real problem but we are not taking them off. Kitchen knives have stabbed people but we don’t do away with them. Men rape women but we don’t say let’s stop having sex. People eat food excessively but we don’t stop eating. I don’t know why drinking wine is such an issue when drunkenness should be the issue. Gluttony results from eating and we love our food and we are happy to tell people to eat in moderation so that they are not gluttonous. Why do we not do the same with wine and tell people not to be drunkards
    In 1Cor11:20-22; Paul admonishes the Corinthians for improper commemoration of the Lord’s supper. In the supper, others were going hungry and others were getting drunk. Note that he does not chide them for using alcohol containing wine but instead chides them for the uncaring and disorderly manner in which the super is partaken in. He even says, don’t you have homes to eat and drink in.
    Thus, when you gather together, it is not to eat a meal of the Lord; because as you eat your meal, each one goes ahead on his own; so that one stays hungry while another is already drunk! Don’t you have homes to eat and drink in? Or are you trying to show your contempt for God’s Messianic community and embarrass those who are poor? What am I supposed to say to you? Am I supposed to praise you? Well, for this I don’t praise you!
    1 Corinthians (1 Co) 11:20‭-‬22
    In the old days, with no way of preserving grape juice, fermentation was the only alternative. They only had two months of harvest and what would become of all their huge grape harvest unless fermented and thus made alcoholic to some extent.
    Moderation is the answer. Drunkenness is the enemy and not drinking as much as gluttony is the enemy and not eating food.


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